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A single word with thousand of emotions and feelings. Those who were in any relationship know..it hurts to hear this word ..you can’t even explain why you loved that person..so much …that you forget to save some love for yourself..you want to share everything with that special person that is now in your  “EX LIST”. […]



Late night chats often leads to confession of everything that borders you whether it is fear,terror or a dark secret that can ruin your life or other person’s life, which is unconsciously shared with the one you are talking to. This is my own experience that people usually confess at nights because there is a […]

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you and me along with a cup of coffee we chat,we gossip with the sweet scent of coffee we pose, we smile ,we wonder for a while why people are staring, is dating someone is so daring? you click the button i pose you look at me, and i blush like a rose the moment […]

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Sometimes all you need is someone who listen instead of giving advice. © Arooba 3/18/2018

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“That’s the thing about pain, It demands to be felt”. -Faults in our stars.

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Walking towards the interview hall, she was happy ..but when she opened the door two middle aged ladies were there …they asked about her strength and weakness..a quick response she gave..my strength is i’m a hard-worker n my weakness is i got nervous easily..they asked but if you do then how could you handle the […]

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Why do people ignore?

Thinking about this strange scenario, and after reading some posts of Psychiatrist, I come to know that people often ignore others due to following reasons: it’s a way to hurt other person an excuse to avoid caring, giving respect or importance to other person It’s part of their changing behavior or personality. Well according to […]

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